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Confirm contact with specialist

Have you contacted the specialist to agree lesson content and date of visit?

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Please fill in some details about the visit(s)

Heritage Expert
Visit Type
Number of visits
Will funds from another source, other than the school, be used towards this visit? Yes No
Visit will be to class group(s)
Total number of children
Please provide a short summary of the HERITAGE topic that will be covered and what the expected learning outcomes will be. Where multiple visits are requested you must provide detail for each day. Your booking will not be approved without this information.

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Please fill in some details about the School

Is your school designated disadvantaged? (as per DEIS guidelines) Yes No
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Please review the conditions of this booking

By submitting this booking, I confirm that
The Heritage Specialist has been contacted and has agreed to the requested dates
The class teacher will be present at all times during the visit and will maintain adequate supervision of children
The number of children participating in a session should not exceed 30 and, for virtual visits, should be from one class
As an invited visitor the heritage specialist is covered under the school's public liability insurance
The heritage specialist will be paid at the agreed rate upon completion of each visit
Collection of data regarding contact information for session participants will be in line with the GDPR legislation
No photo, video, or audio recording of sessions (virtual or in-person) is permitted by participants
Links to resources provided by the Specialist will not be shared with third parties
An online evaluation survey will be completed after each visit
A Visit Confirmation Form will be returned to the specialist by the class teacher after each visit (within 2 working days)
The school has obtained parental consent for all children involved in virtual visits
At least 5 working days’ notice will be provided for cancellations. The Specialist is self-employed and does not get paid if a visit is cancelled. Adequate notice will allow other work to be scheduled
The Heritage Council will be acknowledged when Heritage in Schools visits are mentioned in printed or online publicity and using: @TheHeritageCouncil for Facebook, Instagram and @HeritageHubire for X